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How does
an escape room works ?

the difficulty level EXCLUSIVE The Escape Agency

2you are locked in a mysterious room

3find clues and
solve puzzles

4save the world

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What are the
missions ?

Doctor Kang's revengeNEW ROOM After his failure to wipe out all life on earth, the infamous Dr. Kang has kidnapped one of the world's most brilliant chemists in order to extort the knowledge needed for his new evil plan.

You'll go on a rescue mission to Kang's lair, hoping you're not too late... difficulté fouille réflexion Book now     See pictures of this mission Any question ? Useful informations

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Soviet threat Bad news from Crimea ! A former military command center has been reactivated and is going launch all the nuclear arsenal of the former USSR upon us.
Too late to get there : we need to use a Soviet base built secretly under Paris during the Cold War.

Your team will have to restart devices abandoned since the fall of the Wall, and find a way to cancel the order. The missiles will be launched in 70 minutes, you have no time to lose ! difficulté fouille réflexion Book now     See pictures of this mission Any question ? Useful informations

What profiles can
become agent ?

amis friends What are we doing tonight?
Gather with 2 to 5 friends, whether you are a beginner in escape game or a gamer used to treasure hunt or escape rooms.

famille family Looking for a family outing to gather all generations?
Come to The Escape Agency to have a fun time and make some great memories.

demande en mariage spécial events Birthday, bachelor·ette party,… ?
Put your group into the shoes of secret agents, and do not take yourselves to seriously !
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du fun en cravate businesses Are you looking for a team building event?
This adventure helps building bonds and developing a sense of communication.
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36 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin 75010 PARIS

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everyday from 10 AM to midnight

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M 5   Jacques Bonsergent
BUS 20 38 47   Porte Saint-Martin
Attention : few street parking !

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Frequently asked questions

It is an adventure in which you must escape in a limited time from a room where you are locked up with your teammates.
Keys, codes, riddles and items inside the room will help you progress in the game and accomplish your mission.
Depending on the room, you will have up to 70 minutes to complete your mission, but you will have to listen to the instructions first. You should plan 1h30 at least.
Beware ! If you arrive late, your mission may be shortened so as not to penalize the next teams.
The rooms are designed for an adult audience. However children can participate with their family from 8 years old for Dr. Kang.

It is not advisable to form teams mostly with under 15s, especially for the Soviet Threat mission which involves retro technology.
The rooms are optimized for 3 to 5 agents. Playing at 2 is difficult, and recommended only to quite experienced agents.
It is possible to add a 6th agent, but we do not recommend it because the quality of the experience is significantly reduced. There is a 12€ supplement.
No worries! A camera system ensures your safety throughout the game.
And if you decide to go out in case of emergency, you can do it freely.
The best is to start with Dr. Kang's lair, more accessible if you are a beginner, without being too easy.
You will choose a difficulty level when booking your mission on our website. With 3 choices available, we customize the room especially for you before you arrive.
The nearest subway stations are Strasbourg-Saint Denis on lines 4, 8 and 9 (exit 4) and Jacques Bonsergent on line 5.
If you are driving, plan time and locate underground car parks nearby, as street parking is very difficult.
Reservations are made online on our booking system. Prices are from 99 € to 120r € depending on the number of participants.
Payment can be made at the end of the booking by credit card only.
You can buy a gift card on our site for 3 to 5 players.
We will send you (or directly to your friend) an email or a nice card with a code that can be used when booking on our website.
The instructions will be reminded by the game master before your mission : no use of force, nothing placed too high, keys and items may be used only once.
That's about it!
You need to use stairs to access our rooms, therefor they are unfortunately not accessible to people in wheelchairs.
The clues in the room are mainly visual and auditory. If all the agents in your team are deaf or color blind, we can adapt the room if you notice us in advance.
There is not too much to read (especially in Soviet threat), but we can set the room - and do the briefing - in French or English according to your choice during the booking.